Our Covid policy, for now,

  1. No Walk Ins this year.  You must have an appt.   Also, Appts may only be people that live under the same roof.  So that means:  We will not be doing groups, multiple families together, cousin portraits, families with grandparents, etc.  Parents and their children only. 

  2. Anyone not being photographed may not be in the studio except for one parent.

  3. Changing room will not be available, please wear into the mall  what you want to be photographed in. 

  4. Masks on the entire time except for the actual shooting.  Everyone gets posed, set up, test shot done, then masks come off, we shoot for a few moments, and masks back on.  I expect masks to be off in short (1-3 minutes) segments at a time.

  5. Closed on Wed completely

  6. We are limiting to three maybe four appts a day.  (spaced out enough that no one overlaps and we can clean in between, so don’t be late, but also don’t be early :)

  7. When shooting is done (15-20 minutes or so) the session fee and deposit will be paid and images will be seen within 24 hours online.  You may order online or over the phone or make an appt to come in and order.  Orders may be picked up or shipped to you.  You must order within 14 days of the shoot or you will forfeit your deposit( Prints the same day as the shoot will not happen this year)

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