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Superhero Sessions!

Dress your kid up as their fav hero and bring them up. :) We will take their picture, add in a cool digital backdrop (cityscape, flying through space, fighting a monster, etc)

then we will add special effects

(laser beams, fire, explosions)

to make the most dynamic shot ever!


How much? $25 session fee, $20 for effects on one image, prints and digital files are regular price
What else besides prints can you do?  Digital files, movie posters, acrylic cut outs, mugs and more!
Spiderboy Promo city.jpg
Does Prelude have costumes we can use?  This time, we do not.  You would need to bring  your own, please.
How long is this going on?  We will run this through Aug 15th, so not long, book soon.